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eLifeMarketers (ELM) is a Spectrum Direct Insurance Services Company. Our focus is to provide quality insurance programs that match the needs of the individual in as efficient of process as possible. ELM has created technologies and marketing programs enabling consumers and licensed professional agents to move through the process of purchasing insurance fast and easy. The process for buying insurance has now been greatly simplified where it's possible to buy online and instantly with just a few qualifying health questions.

ELM is focused on providing agents and insurance organizations the marketing and technology to facilitate more efficient insurance product sales. This is accomplished through our relationships with many of the major carriers, our technology products and our marketing systems.

Tap into selling instant issue life insurance products using online technology. Your prospects can buy online in a matter if minutes. Studies have shown that there is a market of consumers that simply don't want to take a medical exam. Instant issue products are fast and easy to complete. Our technology enables to capture a previously untapped market.

We offer a variety of optional marketing tools to facilitate the sale of instant issue life insurance. It's important to have a strong marketing program to back a great product. Our company has been marketing life insurance programs for more than 20 years.

ELM provides the business experience and guidance to partner with you for success. Insurance is a resilient and stable market that is always in demand. With online purchasing capability, this represents a tremendous business opportunity to reach a market of millions of consumers who want insurance fast and easy without a medical exam.

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